Monday, May 30, 2005

Lets add to my misery

Ok, I need to vent a little here. So if you dont want to hear me bitch, then skip todays entry.

So I have another girl quitting tomorrow, in the terms of quality work it will be like Hives on a 90 degree day, totally not missed and worth as much work wise. But now I am back down to four people to run the store so this means I am back to six days a week. Which sucks, its not like we couldnt use the money but I am already getting burnt out and I am not even close to my three month mark. Usually it takes about 3 months for me until I need to take abreak. And I have until August before I can take that break. If Amanda and Lew werent coming up I probably would have worked throught o December and that wouldnt have been pretty for anybody. So I guess it is a lesser of the two evils thing or something. Yes, i have to work 6 days a week, but I am making more money and we can defineately use that. On to complaint #2. I have no alone time to be with Matthew. I know I need to talk to HIM about this, but I cant until we can get some time when it is just me and him, not me him and Smith. Yes, I know that Matthew has been gone and they havent seen each other in a long time, but he has been here since Friday. I can only stnd so much of him. He is a really nice guy and I have nothing against him, he just tends to get on my nerves, especially when I am in a bad mood from work. And Matt gets upset with me because I am not "in the mood" when we finally go to bed, well I have been sitrting there trying to put up with his friend, by the time we get to bed all I want to do is go to sleep and hope that tomorrow he wont be at our house. NAd we dont have to cook for him. I cant even feel comfortable in my own house cuz we always have someone her. Now, I dont want to have Matthew all to myself all the time, because Lord knows that I would have to lock him in a closet, but let me have at least one of my night's off with my husband, not my husband and his friend.

Okay, I think I am done. I just needed to get that off my chest before I went mad. I need to let this out before I talk to Matthew or else I will end up turning it into a bigger issue than it is cuz it really isnt that big of a deal, it just needs to be addressed befor eit does become a big issue.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I love having something to look forwarf to. Amanda, and maybe Lew, are coming up in August to visit. Yay. I need to figure out how to do sleeping arrangements, I only have room in the spare bedroom for the aormatress. Of course there is the fouton in the basement, I would think that it would get cold down there. And plus the litter box is down there so you would have to deal with Jackie being down there. Oh, well, I have a couple months the figure it out. Yay. Visitors, to my house. I am so excited.

Friday, May 20, 2005

I'm Back

I have returned. e had a pretty sucessful trip. It was mainly an education trip. We had classes all day Wednesday and Thursday. We took a little detour to the dollar store and spent $350. HeeHee at the dollar store. We got all kinds of stuff like deodorant and tampons and razors and travel stuff that you might neeed a drugstore to buy, but there are no drugstore in downtown Anchorage. So we are looking to change that. Dont know where we are going to set it up at but we will find a place. Cori quit while I was gone. Always while I am gone. I cant expect her to go against her parents. But maybe she should! No I understand, they want to her to go to school ionstead of work. In the long run, it is in her best interest, but I am back to working at night and I am a bit peeved about that. Any way, we took this class on how to use the internet to expand your buisness and this guy is like an internet buisness guru. He's made something like 40 million with his buisnesses. Anyway, he was talking about the stuff that they are working on producing using the internet, like A rierigerator that has a specific place for say, milk, and it is programmed to know how much your milk weighs so that when it reaches a certain weight, it will go on the internet, order your milk, and it will be delivered right to your house. And then there is a chip that will go in your car that will signal when your service engine light comes on it will connect with your mechanic and make an appointment to have them come out to your house at night (or whenever you slepp) to fix your car in your driveway while you sleep. And this one is my favorite. They are developing a Tv That has the capabilities to let you touch the creen if you are watching a show and like the shirt they are wearing or lamp or couch or shoes or whatever and you just touch the screen and order it from the internet and have it sent to your house. Isnt that cool? Just something to think about. I need to go get ready for work.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I know I dont have a lot to be stressed out about and i know that I do this to myself most of the time. I just want my mommy. There are just times in your life when you need your mom. Or ANYONE at this point, but especially your mom. I wish I could just skip this conference and go home. I have to go to stupid Tacoma instead. Boo. I want to stay home and wallow in my own self misery. I am so coming home for Christmas. I got an invitation to Kim's wedding. I wish I could go. It would be worth just coming home for the weekend! I am seriously thinking about it but I dont have the money. If I find an unbeatable rate, I am going. It would be such a blast. Well I have to go get ready to go to the airport. I am so tired this flight is gonna suck.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

We just got back from Eilson (we being Stephanie and myself, matt is still there.) I knew that seeing him would only make things harder. I just want to cry now. I was fine. It was only six weeks. And now I only have a week and a half left and I am cryin my eyes out. I couldnt get myself to leave. To be able to touch him, and smell his cologne and hold hid hand for only two days and then go back to our home withouthim. Shouldnt have evn gone. What will I do when its 4 monthes intead of six weeks? It will happen. I hate being alone. Good news though, Rachel is working in the mall again, down at ales. So we went to lunch on Wednesday. We decided that we were gonna pick a day and make it a weekly thing. I have missed her so much. She is seeing an army guy now. So she was askin my6 advice. i dont know if I can give that advice, I mean look at me, I cant even go six weeks. Stephanie says its because its our first TDY. She says they are never easy, but you do get better at them. Her husband just got back from Japan not too long ago and now he is up there at Eilsen. And they have a little daughter. We got along really well. We have a lot of things in common and are tastes are similar. She is Amanda's age. NAd a nurse. She's nice, they're from Texas.

I suppose I should get to bed since I wont get any sleep tomorrow. I have to be at the airport at # am. So I guess I will either write tomorrow or when I get back from Tacoma.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

I would just like to say that it is very difficult to type with this cat under my arm, but she insists on sittling on the arm rest rather than my lap. cats. Anyway, I was pretty depressed today. I wanted to be home so much. I couldnt even get a call through till like 5:30. I kept getting this message that all the circuits were busy and this was on a land line from work. I couldnt even send out a fax to New York! Guess everyone in AK was calling out to their moms. Oh well, I did get a hold of her eventually. Well, actually she called me but details people, details.

I dony really have a lot to talk about. I am going to Fairbanks this weekend to see Matthew so this week is going to drag! I'm gonna drive up with Stephanie Coffee. We just met today. We have talked on the phone but we thought that we should meet before we spend 5 hours in a car with her 2 yr old daught, Cadence. It is so funny cuz Cadence is so small. She is very dainty, so is her mom. But I just think, what if Malea had been that smalll. Calvin would had killed her by now. And that was all I could think about while this woman was introducing herself to me. I felt like a jackass afterwards. Oh, well. Last time we talked she was telling me about her friend that did an at home spray tan on her and it kinda ended up blotchy. So she wanted to know what I thought , so when she came in I had a different picture of what blotchy looked like, so I was like "it doesnt look that bad." And she kinda made this face at me and there behind me was the girl who did it. Open mouth, insert foot. Nice first impression, huh? So I tried to cover it up, but it didnt work, oh well, it was past, and I think I felt worse about it than the situation called for. Oh, well, something to joke about later I guess!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tuesdays are always better

Yoday was a little as Tuesdays tend to be. Jessica will not speak to me, as if that hurts my feelings any. And I am told that she feels picked on and singled out. But i keep saying that if you are inside my walls then nothing is personal, its just buisness. And I am making that very clear.

And I figured out what was wrong with payroll. Ralph was working on it ALL day and he was startin to freak out like major. Cuz if the stylists wanted to they could get nasty and start demanding HUNDREDS in retro active pay, but it turns out that our numbers were right and I was right about that calculation it was doing that we werent aware of. Every service has a set value in the computer. so if you overcharge say a color which is set at $90 and you charge $100 then you will be on the plus side $20 but then we were running a sale and haircut were at $30 instead of the set calue of $40 so on every hair cut the computer is setting you back the $10. So the numbers in the chart werent reflecting those deviations fromthe set value until it calculated the total of all the services that stylist did. so it wasnt adding up across the table because there wasnt a column that said"this is how much you undercharged/overcharged." SO it is all good and I am a genius. Well, not really but i was pretty proud of myself cuz I figured it out. And I know Ralph was happy cuz he was trippin on this all day and was sure that something was screwed up. This program we use is really awesome and you can do a loy with it but it is not perfect. The company that makes it actually bases its upgrades on our questions cuz apparently we send in the most questions and we find the most flaws with their program, in the world so their upgrades are because we found something wrong with their system. Cool huh? I was looking at their "what's New" update book and there are a couple of things in there that were my questions. I was excited. Dont you think we should get a piece of that profit? I mean it is one of the fastest groing salon programs in the world. I want a piece of that pie! LOL. Anyway, I had a much better day today. so Now I must go to sleep so I can go in tomorrow and do it all agan. Plus Lori's back tomorrow. So I will have PLENTY to do!

Monday, May 02, 2005

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We decided to plant some Violas for those of you wondering. To Amanda's question, we are not allowed vegetables in our backyard. I dont know why but we arent. So flowers and the occasional flamigo will have to do.

I think I suffered a stroke today at work. Actually we have come to call them seizures. It is when we get so frustrated with these girls who work for us that our brain swells and begins to leak out our ear. At least thats how I felt today. i seriously thought I was going to flip out. To start it off I couldnt get payroll to come out right. The computer's figures didnt match my calculations and I dont have any idea why. I do need to get them turned in to our accountant by tomorrow and I have no numbers to fax her cuz I cant get them to come out right. ANd them I have this girl who doesnt know our brain from her butthole cuz I believe that she's thinking with the wrong one. It took her a good five hours to do a simple order on makeup. A task that would have taken me a max of 30 minutes. And that is allowing for customer itteruptions. I keep saying tit would be faster if I just did this stuff myself, but I am delegating more and letting these girls do it. So I was getting frustrated with that, because I know that tomorrow I am just going to have to do it myself anyway. And this same girl checked out a salon client and didnt charge her for the $115 cut and color that she got done. Instead she rang out the 11.90 Redken hairspray and some various nail polishes that added up to $73 or so dollars for which that client left a $10 tip. Now I would think that would tip her off that perhaps this woman had a salon service done but no, she claims that she didnt know. Malu did call me tonight and told me that she was able to contact the client and get the $115. So I dont have to think about that anymore. And then this same girl clocked off a half an hour early saying she didnt feel good and then went back to the salon so a stylist could play with her hair. DONOT leave MY salesfloor and tell me that you dont FEEL good and then go back to the salon. If youdont FEEL good then clock off and GO HOME! So I wrote her up. Twice. In one day. Ralph is gonna have a seizure when Malu tells him that in the morning. I think I am losing my effect or something. They used to be scared of me. Now, I think they are getting comfortable which just doesnt make sense to me cuz I am more of a hard ass now then I ever was before. If anything they should be scared now cuz i could boot them ALL and that store would run fine. But I can tell you this, if I dont get resultas in ONE weeks some people will looking at the want ads. mark my words. I hate firing people but this is riduculous. Maybe that is what they have figured out, that I dont like to do it so they think they are safe. Well, that will be changing. They will ALL know that their heads could be on my chopping block.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


atthew came home this weekend. I think that he is feeling pretty guilty about missin our wedding anniversary. We went to Pizza Hut on Friday when he got home, and it kinda came up. but I told him it was ok since he was there tonight, Friday. And he kinda had tto think for a second and I just grinned at him. And the light bulb came on. So he was figuring out what year it was and I was giving him a hard time, like, its kinda a big one, I said. He's like 5 years? Has it been five years? Yep, I said five years ago tonight we were at prom. It was hard for him to believe. LOL. What a cutie. I love him so much. I hate being away from him. Even if it is just 5 hours it is so hard. And the fact that he is so close doesnt help. But we had a great weekend. The weather was beautiful on Friday and Saturday. We worked in the yard all day on Saturday. It looks so nice now. SExcept for the bare spot where we re-seeded the grass. But we worked really hard. I will try to post some pics later. But we planted flowers and I weeded. I am SOOOOO sore though. But it is worth it. I think we have the best looking yard! I will try to get those pictures posted though. And I realized I never posted the ones from when I was home so I will try to do that too. But I am starting oa new shift at work this week. I will open every day but Tuesdays now. I need to get on a new sleeping schedule. But if you need to get a hold of me I am at the store from 9:30 am to 5:30-6 ish Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday is still 1-9 and Sunday is the same 10:30-6 and Friday and Saturday offf but come tourist season I might add some Saturdays once and a while. Especially with Ralph being gone. But I am going to hit the hay. I will work on getting the pics up tomorrow after work.