Monday, October 31, 2005

Helpin daddy carve pump-a-kins Posted by Picasa

Jackie and her little pump-a-kin Posted by Picasa

Carvin Jackie's pump-a-kin. There is A LOT of crap inside those little ones!!! Posted by Picasa

Jackie's pump-a-kin Posted by Picasa

My pump-a-kin Posted by Picasa

Matthew's pump-a-kin Posted by Picasa

Jackie's checkin out my work Posted by Picasa

Finished by the garage Posted by Picasa
I had the best night. Until now.

We had a lot of trick or treaters. This is my first year to actually hand out candy. I had so much fun. It made me so happy. It made me remember how much fun I had going out. Mom always took us. We had our staples, the houses we always went to. Grandma would give us chocolate chip cookies. And we had the best costumes. I remeber being an Indian one year. Lew was a cowboy and Amanda was a princess. I loved her dress, with the pointed hat. That was my favorite to play dress up in later. And I was Catwoman. I had these long red nails. I remember being a ballerina one year with this blue outfit and it was cold out so mom made me wear tights and I was so upset cuz I thought that it ruined my costume. We had so much fun. It made me so happy, cuz we were all together. Seeing the kids and being part of their night just brought back all those memories. And I had fun seeing all the little ones. There was this one, she was so cute probably about two. She was a tiger with her little black nose and little wiskers painted on. You could just see her hood with the little ears cuz her mom had her wrapped up in a fur blanket. And this one little guy, he comes to the door and goes "Treeet!" He knew what he wanted.

And Matthew came upstairs and told me that somebody took Jackie's little pump-a-kin. That stupid little thing that made me so happy. I cried. Why would someone take it? Why? Because you didnt think that it meant something to someone? Well, it did. It meant a lot to me. It would be like someone stealing my candy. Why does that one person always have to ruin it?

Sunday, October 30, 2005

We carved pump-a-kins today. I ill post the pics tomorrow. I'm too lazy to go downstairs for them now. Jackie got her own little pump-a-kin. It is so adorable.

I am feeling better today. I am still a little weak in the lower back area. I got kinda sore at work today. But I feel better. I still have this fear that they will come back. Kinda like how I feel about my knee every time I go down stairs, but this one is not my own clumsiness. But today I was better.

It snowed last night and actually stuck. Matthew put on the studded tires. Boo. Cant have Halloween without snow!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Update on the Stoones. I did have to go to the ER. The pain came back, worse than this morning, so Matthew took me to the hospital. They took X-rays and gave me a shot in the ass. Now I have meds if it happens again. They told me that you very rarely find the first stone. But i got some filter anyway. They left me alone in the room for 3 hours though. I took a nap and some gloves, tape and an Ace like bandage. As dad once said, "If they leave me in here much longer, i'm gonna start stealin stuff." And I did. But I feel better now. Kinda weak and in fear that the pain will return. But I am going to bed now so Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
I thought my body hated me and wanted to destroy me this morning. I woke up about 7:24 after having a dream about my back hurting, and sure enough when I came to my senses it did actually hurt. So I got up and strentched and went to the bathroom and got back in bed, and I think I angered it then cuz this horrible pain came on. Kinda right by my spine and towards the left, right above my hip. So I laid on my back thinking that would help, but it mmade it worse. So I got up. Thinking if I walked... And i was sweating so bad I thought I would suffocate in the bedroom. Matts fast asleep. So I try to walk and that doesnt help. I am hunched overthe bathroom sink feeling like I'm being ripped in half. Deciding on whether I should have Matthew take me to the ER or not. Basically deciding if I have appedicitis or something else. And so I am hunched over the keyboard trying to look up which side your appendix is on, I can barely type. I cant really move and Amanda and My dad pop in my head at the same time. Kindney stones! Your kidneys are in the back... So I look that up and the symptoms are what I am going through so I crawl downstairs and call Amanda, she would be easier to get a hold of then dad. Blast no answer. I have at least found a breathing pattern that isnt making things worst. So I call mom. Yep, she says sounds like stones. Everyone gets them at least nce in their life right? Amanda calls back. What do I do? Go to the ER or take what I have. She says they will test me to see if thats what it is and by then it might be too late to be any help. So I took some Vicadin, Thank God I had some left. And went back to bed. matt is confused. I thnk at that point it was gone, cuz I went pee right before I call and as I was taling the pain was getting less intense and I have not yet found anything. But that SUCKED. All in all it took about three hours from the start of the dream as best I can figure to going back to bed. Now it seems like a horrible dream, except that I am sore. My back aches like the dull ache I get with bad cramps, just without the cramps. I seriouly thought I was going to pass out or vomit. But I didnt cry or anything, I had a moment of panic towards the beginning.

So how was your morning?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Adventure Continues

November 18th, 2005.

I'm so excited. This is my favorite book.
I dont really even have anything to talk about today. Let's see, 55 days till we come home. Thats good. Work sucks. I have an Arbonne meeting tonight. Dont really want to go, but I skipped the last one. Ummm, I have no exciting news. Matthew is pretty sure he is going to Korea for Four months next year. That will suck. Gonna be REALLY ;lonely. But I get to go to Vegas with Ralph and Lori next year. Well, I suppose I should get dressed for work. We are going to decorate the store for Christmas next Sunday. Already. Matthew wants to put up our tree. I told him he had to wait till AFTER Halloween. (This was September) LOL. I love him. He is so cute... Anyway, I have to get to gettin.

Friday, October 21, 2005

60 days and we will be home. "I'll be home for Christmas..." 60 days also means that Christmas is a little over two months away. Kinda scary. This year is coming to an end... Stop. Still two and a half months away. Stop thinking about it. I got tried of working on the website. I love working on my day off. Even if it is from the comfort of my computer room. But the battery on my camera is dead and I cant find the charger so I cant put up the product pictures yet. Which means this project will continue on another day until I can get the pics posted. But at least the Eutropia products are up now.Yay. I acomplished something! Anyway, back to work I guess.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

We got a couple of new girls on Saturday. I picked them out, I hired them, so we will she if they are an improvement from the past. Youngest age is 20. No more high school girls! Anyway, one of them came up to me yesterday and she's like, "You must love working here," Well, yes I do but why do you say that? She's like cuz you get to work with Ralph. He is so hot." EXCUSE ME? First, hello, it's RALPH. I have never thought of him that way. That's like having a crush on your older brother. Second, he's Lori's. And No way am I crossing THAT woman. Even if my job DIDNT depend on it. Plus they are like my family, like I said Ralph is more like a brother to me and Lori is my friend, my boss... So I'm just like, "I havenever looked at him like that." "how can you not!?" she asks. "Becuase he's dating Lori, your boss." "oh." Akward moment follows. It was just a weird conversation that brought on weird thoughts that I never want to think again!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

We have only like 73 days till we get to come home. I think that Matthew could care less. He was just home so he doesnt care, but I cant wait. We pretty have decided to take Jackie home. As long as she doesnt get too spoiled, and we do bring her back. I have a feeling a certain someone will want to keep her. Just remember, she is only visiting. LOL.

Matthew and I went to the doctor on Thursday. I havent been able to shake this bug since I got back from Bellevue and I gave it to Matthew. Now its a sinus infection. But the stupid doctor gave me amoxicillin. Please. I might as well just stand on my head for as much as thats gonna help MY sinus infections. Gimme the good stuff. He didnt give Matthew any antibotics at all. Even though he has the same thing. He alost didnt give them to me. I'm thinking, "Is this guy serious?" I know when I have a sinus infection. I have been getting them since I was young. And there were those couple years when it seemed lke I got 5. He seriopusly wasnt goingt o give me antibotics. What a quack. Yes, its good you dont just hand them out, but be serious. Just cuz you dont klike to give them doesnt mean you shouldnt give them to people who need them. I want Dr. Lake back. Anyway, this quack wanted me to get a CT scan to diagnose sinitieus. Of something like that. Mom says thats just an inflammation of the sinuses. Why do I need a CT scan for that? I can tell you that my sinuses are inflammed. Otherwise, there would be more room in my head for my brain than there currently is. Quack.

So begins the busy season at work. PFD's come out this week. (for those of you who dont know those are the permenant dividend fund checks. Oil money) Kick off to the holiday season. Yippee. I think mom thinks that I work too much. Which is probably true. She asked me what I did for fun. I dont know what I do for fun. I watch TV when I get off work. We dont really have money for fun. When we get out of debt, then I will have fun. Cuz I figure, I should be dead by then, and have plenty of time to have fun. Right? right. Bleak out look. Oh, well.

Anyway, I should head off to bed.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Tis the season

Its getting colder. (30's at night, 50's during the day.) It's getting darker. (Sunrise after 8 am Sunset, 7:20 pm) It is that time of year. But it hasnt snowed yet which is more than we can say about last year. I am so not ready for this. I AM however ready to be hme for Christmas. Yay. I am so happy. I am bursting with excitement. this makes Chirstmas that much better. But we have to leave the kitty here. :( She will be so lonely. No Merry Christmas for Kitty.