Sunday, March 26, 2006

My new car Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I have taken the plunge and bought a new car. A Saturn Vue. I really like it. Matt is out right now with someone who wants to test drive the Blazer. Hopefully we can see that POS. I did love it though. It was my car. My first car that was actually mine. I'm gonna miss it, but it is so nice to have a new car. I just want to go out and drive. Doesmt matter where to. just drive. It has a sun roof too. Cool huh? I drove home from Wasilla yesterday with it open. I could today too. I'm glad that it is nice so I could enjoy my new purchase. I'll post pics later. I have to keep cleaning now. Just thought you would like to know what I have been up to!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How many good-byes does it take before your heart stops breaking?
How many times do you watch someone you care for walk out of your life, before you learn to quit watching?
How many tears do you cry, before you cant cry anymore?
How many memories does it take to help you forget?
How many promises get broken before you stop believing?
How many times do you ask yourself "why", before you stop wondering?
How many times do you endure pain, before it stops hurting?
It will always break.
You will always watch.
You will always cry.
You will always believe.
You will always wonder.
And You will Allways Hurt.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

So I have really been enjoying VH 1's "I love Toys" series. It is fun to see all those toys that you may have forgotten about. Tonight I actually laughed out loud cuz I tuned in late ( I have the DVR set to record all 5 episodes on Fridayand they were talking about Tinker Toys. And I honestly have not even THOUGHT about Tinker Toys in YEARS. And Lew ALWAYS wanted to play woith the Tinker Toys at Grandma's. Sometimes I would actually WANT to play and sometimes I HAD to. But he always wanted to. And I laughed because they said that the only kids that WANTED to play with Tinker Toys, and actually built things (Like cars, Lew) with them were the kids who grew up to be engineers. And everyone else just made a square. And I laughed, and laughed cuz Lew would have these great creations and I would put sticks all around in one of the wheels and call it a smowflake or a flower or something. Now he's working at Rolls Royce and I run a hair salon.

Who would have thought Tinker Toys could help predict the future?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I've decided to get up early and go see the dogs start tomorrow. With or with out Matt. He wants to stay out all night, on the first night we both have off in a week, thats fine. Whatever. I will be by myself. I dont NEED him to be with me, I would just LIKE him to be with me once and awhile. I even called him from work today to tell him that I missed him and that i loved him, and he STILL goes and plays pool with Marcus. He sees him everyday, he hasnt seen me, at least not awake since Sunday. I called him at the hockey game and asked him if he was going to go play pool, cuz if he was then I wasnt going to stay up for him, and I told him that I was having a shitty day. "No, I think we are going to TGI Fridays." Oh, ok. so to me he just told me that he WASNT going to go play pool and so I waited up for him. He pulls up, comes inside and says he is going to go play pool. And wants to know why I am mad. "Is this part of your crappy day?" Yes, you butt head, it is part of my crappy day and you just put the cherry on top of the shit pile that has been the last couple of days, so thanks. Thanks for making me cry the tears I have been doing so well at holding back. That fucker is the only one who can make me cry (and i mean real tears, not sappy commercial fake tears).. And he always finds that way to do it.