Tuesday, November 16, 2004

So much to do, noy enough money

We leave for Disney Wold in like 17 days. I'm excited to have some time off of work, but still have not worked up my urges to go. Now I am thinking that we are wasting this money and there are so many other things we should be using it for. I mean we are trying to get this house, and that will mean rearranging our budget since we wont have that extra money coming in. Matthew wants to go to Hawaii next year, and I want to go home, which wont be that expensive since I have a lot of miles stacked up and more on the way. So we will prolly have a free trip.

But the big thing is that Matthew and I had a pretty serious discussion about kids. Matthew is ready right now. We are not ready, I mean I want them, but we cant afford kids right now. And besides I want to be with MAtthew just the two of us for awhile. He knows and he is waiting for me to be ready. plus we think that people will freak out, since they have a tendency to do that. So here is one more thing I have to deal with cuz people will not think its a good idea and lecture us and blah, blah, blah...

So that is all for now.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

View all our photos


I know I have been sending a lot of these out but you can view all of our pictures at the above address

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Moving, again

Matthew and I have been concidering moving on base, into a house. Espically after lst night. The guy below us had his bass turned up and the peope above us were walking around at all hours and then the drunk people in the parking lot at 3am. There are som many pluses to moving. We would have more room, a garage, a yard (though small) we could get a puppy, we would have our own washer and dryer, in our house. No one living above or below us. The safety of the base. But the down side is that I just got settled into this place. I'm too lazy to move again. We would have to pack up everything and move it. Tough we wouldnt be going far so it wouldnt be too horrible. Then there is unpacking again. I guess I am just lazy. But we are definately considering it. We would have more room so when people came to visit they wouldnt be stuck in our little apartment with us. (sorry mom and dad, you had to be stuck in that little room!) But we've been considering it. Especially since Matthew is probably gonna stay out his term here so we will be here till 2008. It would be nice to have a house to spend that time in instead of an apartment.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Dont kick my Christmas

Sometime I dont know what is going through his head and what the hell he is thinking when he says stuff. I mean I know that he doesnt know how important Christmas is to me, or how special things associated with it is to me... Then I just have these realizations that he doesnt really know a lot about me, if he did then he would know that saying that he was mad that we had to get a star that matched the decor. I'm sorry but I like to have a theme. I let him put his obsenely large ornaments on the tree. I could have said no, knowing that he would do it if I said no, but I didnt. I let him pick out whatever ornaments he wanted. Because it made him happy. All I wanted was a star that matched but we couldnt find a blue and/or siliver star that lit up. He wanted it to light up so I looked for one that lit up. There was one white one that lit up but with red lights, so we bought some blue lights to switchout with the red. When we plugged it in, it blew up (sort of). So he got all frustrated and knocked an ornament off the tree and then kicked it. I told him I didnt care about the star, I was more upset that he kicked my ornament. So he said HE was upset we had to have a star that matched. Now hes all mad that I have shut myself up in the computer room. I'm sorry but I dont want ot be around him. He has these mood swings that really bug me. One minute he is all cute and cuddly, the next he cant kepp his hands of me and the next minute he is all pissy. I swear, you people thought I had mood swings.

I cant help that Christmas is very special to me, and it is really hard to be away from home. And all I have to connect me to my family are the ornaments on that tree. I dont care if it is one I got when I was a baby or one I bought with Katie. I just said how much they mean to me. And him not caring about them is like not caring about a piece of me. I know that sounds stupid but anyone who knows me knows how much sentiment I put into things. Now matter how small or insignificant. I just dont think that he gets that sometimes. ANd those times I lock myself up and shut him out. Thinking that will teach him a lesson but knowing that it doesnt do anything.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

I think that I am going to go have the mole on the back of my neck removed. I dont think it is a threat or anything, I just dont like it. And since I probably have a high risk for skin cancer I am sure it would be the one that would be cancerous! Its just a thought.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


I tried to type this the other day and then ghetto blogger kicked me off so I am going to try it again. Sunday I had my first earthquake. I mean we have had them since I have gotten here but I have never felt one before. Or at least I never noticed it. But Sundays was pretty big tremor. It was like a big jolt and then a little rumble. It kinda freaked me out cuz I didnt know what it was.

We go to Disney World pretty soon. I wish I could be more excited but I'm not. I feel so bed cuz Matthew is SOOO excited and I'm not. Truth be told I wish we were going home instead. Maybe it's just because I've never been before, but I am way more excited about March than I am about December. And I feel so bad

We put up our Christmas decorations at the store on Sunday. It was kinda fun. I think that Matthew bonded with Ralph a little. it was nice to see them get along. I listened to the CD Ralph and his group just recorded. Its all this gangster rap. I was just laughing, I mean it's good, really good. But rapper Ralph is SOOOO different from the Ralph I work with. He;s all talkin about bein street and niggas and hoes. I just laugh, cuz it is NOT the Ralph I know. My Ralph is a big Goofball. He aint no gansta. LOL. Its so funny.

We also decorated the apartment. I had a hard time with it. Christmas decoating was always a huge thing in our family. We would pile all five of us in dad's truck and we would sing carols and go pick out our tree. Then we would spend the day listening to Christmas music and decorating the tree and the house. So we went and we listened to Matt's burned off Christmas CD on the way to Wal-Mart to buy a fake tree. It wasnt the same. Then I opened up my box of ornament and decorations and a lot of them were from when me and Katie decorated the apartment. And the garland still smelled like the candle we got to put on the coffee table. And the ornament and colors and tinsel were all from me and Katie. And then I opened the box of all my real ornaments. Every year we would get a new ornament for the tree. I am definately doing that with my kids because those ornamenta mean SO much to me now that I am away from home. Its l;ike they each hold the joys of that year in my life. Each one has a memeory and each one a different meaning cuz they are from different times in my life. This is going to be SOOO hard on me. It already is and I havent even been able to live through Thanksgiving yet.

God give me strength.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Solid food... Oh how I have missed ye

Ok, so now that I do not want to kill myself and all of my insides have decided to remain on the inside of me, I returned to work today. I only work 4 hours on Friday so I figured I could handle it. It usually isnt ever busy so it was a nice transition back to the living world. I went to the doctor this morning. He seemed to think that there is nothing to be concerned about even though I have not eaten any solid food in 3 and a half days. He said it was just something that has been going around and I had to let it run its evil course through my body and it would go away on its own. "Drink lots of fluids and get planty of rest." Yeah right. Oh well I will try. So all is well, and I am stil alive. I will have to call my mommy and let her know I made it through all right. She was worried I was gonna let it go and have it turn into another New Year's episode. Hell, no. I WILL NOT go through that again. Not that I remember most of it since I was delirious with a fever. Ok, I need to go to bed now.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer

I recieved my Rainbow Brite DVD in the mail today so if any of you were waiting for the day it came out officially on DVD it is out. It can be purchased on amazon.com I shall be watchin it tomorrow. I love shows from my childhood.

Note: Voting was successful and it looks like Alaska WILL NOT be legalizing marijuna
So winter has arrived here. It isnt snowing today, but it is a brisk 20 degrees. Yeah. I'm SO glad that the only time I spend outside is my short storoll out to my car which has already been running for a 1/2 hour thanks to remote start and then from my car to the heated skywalk that attaches the parking garage to the mall. Poor Matthew. He has to work outside.

I did a bit of slipping and sliding on Monday going home in the snow. That was before I discovered 4 wheel drive. Matt is gonna put my stud tires on this weekend and I will be ready for winter.

Right now I haveto go shower so I can cast my ballot and decide whether Alaska should legalize marijuna and if they should outlaw bear baiting. I really dont know how I am going to vote on the pot thing. I have never really seiously thought about it. So I will actually do a bit of quick research then I will shower and vote. See ya patriots later.