Friday, June 30, 2006

Ok, so I am finally posting. I have been busy with work, as always. I am up to my eyeballs at the spa. I have to take Matthew to the airport tomorrow morning. I am not doing too bad, just because I know it is going to go by SO fast. I cannot even relieve it is already Friday! It seems like just yesterday we were out at the lake! Plus I have so much to look forward to. I have Vegas on the 14th and then after that Matt gets home and them mom and dad get here, so actually I feel like this whole summer is going by fast. I got some good pictures at the lake. We are going to go again when Matt gets back from his trip, before mom and dad get here. Plus I have so much cleaning and stuff to do before they get here, and the yard needs some MAJOR work. They are supposed to be painting the fences and decks in our housing area, but it has been raining. I think they got like one good day of work in and that has been it. Oh, well. As long as I dont have to do it, fine. Well, Matt is done packing so I need to go spend some time with him.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I just saw grandpa. It has been awhile since he has appeared in my dreams. We were all at church. Everyone. And it was the first time they were able to bring Callie. And we were all outside taking turns holding her. It was a beautiful day. Grandma and Aunt Judy and Nicole and a couple of other people were in this sitting room, that doesnt really exsist in the church but in my dream it was right there so we brought Callie inside and I was holding her and there was a couch, and a couple chairs and a love seat in this sitting room. And Like I said Grandma was there and she was in the chair, and someone was on the couch with Aun t Judy and Nicole was standing, and somone was on the loveseat next to them was Grandpa. I could see him but no one else could, of course. No one else does. But it is so different when he is there in my dreams. For one, I am not ever actually IN my own dreams. Usually I am someone else in my dream, I just "know" that I am me. And no one ever looks at me. People never make eye c ontact with me in my dreams. ever. But he looked right at me. In my eyes. It felt so real. I could feel him. And So he stood up and I handed him the baby. And everyone's eyes got huge and their mouths dropped open. They couldnt see him, but they saw him holding Callie. He looked at me and I just said, "Now they know." And I kept reapeating that. Now they know. Then my stupid rude neighbors were loud and woke me up. So just like that he was gone again. I think that is what made me cry. I wwasnt ready for him to leave again, and thoose buttheads woke me up and I lost him again. Who knows when he will come back. It has been a long time since I have seen him.

i just cant really phathom, how his dreams are SOOO very different from my everyday dreams. They are so real and the feelings... And his face. . I miss that face.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mayor Shirley did not bring the cashews up WITH her but listen on Monday, she's gonna be on and she'll tell everyone what she DID bring. We're still getting the cashews, cuz like ehs said, A deal is a deal. But she couldnt bring them on the plane. Second, it was a big party that the Aces thrw for the city. It was free. So you could meet the players, and touch the Kelly up. It has been 26 years since Anchorage has had a championship team so it was a big deal. There were a lot of people. But Matt and I have a little in. Several actually. Mike Lee (he's on the team) is the cousin of Carlos (Lee) who I work with at the store. Carlos is in Ralph's music group. (He'ss the red and Black one if you have seen the cover. if not click on The Zhinin at the right) Mike Scott's girlfriend is best friends with Brandi, who I work with at the spa. AND Bob and Lori are friends so I met him through her.

P.. I'm working on the pictures!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

We just had the BEST night EVER. We got to spend the evening with the Aces. They did a presentation at the Sullivan Arena, and it was AWESOME. I got to meet the Big Rig, Cam Keith! and Matt got to meet Mike Scott. Well, we got to meet almost all of them. And Jack michaels and Bob signed my sweatshirt. It was so awesome. And they let us hold the Kelly Cup and take pictures and stuff. I posted a few here. i will put the rest on Kodak tomorrow, since I want to put captions and names and stuff, so that will be up sometime tomorrow. Sorry, Manda, thats where i was when you called, so i didnt hear my phone ring! Anyway, GO ACES!!!!!!

"The Ultimate Tailgater" Posted by Picasa

Start of the parade. Bob's car with Coach Payne. Second car is McCambridge with the Kelly Cup. Posted by Picasa

Matthew and Mike Scott. They have the same smirk. Awww, how cute! Posted by Picasa

Me and Cam Keith. He said I was sweet. (swoon) Posted by Picasa

Me and BOOMER Posted by Picasa

We got to hold the... Posted by Picasa

KELLY CUP!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

All in a days work... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 01, 2006

L.A. Style on the Bob and Mark Show doing a male Brazilian Wax. Enjoy.