Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Alright so boo to me for not blogging recently. After a nice unplanned trip home it is back to buisness as usual and since I have been gone I have a lot to catch up on. But it is all good. We are bustin ass and takin names. No more games goin on, I am back and recharged and not puttin up with people any more. And unfortunately for Melissa (Karen's apprentice) cuz I am NOT puttin up with anyone's bullshit anymore. So she picked the arong time to be droppin the n word about one of my best and dearest friends. Personal or not, this is dead serious buisness, and that kind of talk wont occur in my salon. Hell no! Whether you make a racist, sexist, anti- reliogous, agist remark I DONT CARE get the HELL out of my salon. For real. She got into some argument with Ralph about tips, cuz we arent paying them out in cash anymore, they are getting paid in their paycheck for tax reasons, but she doesnt get a pay check cuz she ispaying us to work there instead of going to school to finish up her hour requirements. So Ralph told her she couldnt have cash and she hung up the phone and said " This is why I dont work for n****rs" And this was overheard by three other employees. So I kicked her out. Contract or no contract i adhere to a strict zero tolerence policy. And Karen threw a hissy fit and told her to come back, and gave her a slap on the wrist and pretty much said dont do it again. Now wait a minute, who runs this store? I dont remember it being you. And I do believe Lori told me to handle it and i belkieve I had already done that. So now there is a HUGE rift between me, Amber (who also heard this statement and was VERY upset by it since her grandfather is black) and Karen because of this slap on the wrist thing. It would have been fine if she would have just left the store but no, we have to have drama. Bull shit. Get out of my store.