Tuesday, November 22, 2005

So I feel a little better after today, but tomorrow I am stuck over at the Spa all day so I cant help get ready for The Day After. Of course it was my own stupid fault because in my effort to deplete some of our overstock I suggested that they carry Matrix over in the other store. So I told Lori to make sure they price the stuff up to the dollar cuz we price down ten cents to be copetitive with REGIS and JCPenny's. She's like, "Well, why dont you go over and do it." Der, OK. Like I dont have anything else to do. As I have AT LEAST 20 maybe 30 boxes FULL of stuff we brought out for our Door Buster Sale on The Day After. And we need to get it all set up. Hopefully the girls can do it all tomorrow. Crossing my fingers but not holding my breath.

I got a VERY exciting phone call from Lew today. I cant talk about it but I have to get it out. So I dont know why I brought it up.

I have been having these crazy dreams lately With people in them that I have not even THOUGHT about in years. The other night it was Robert Dotson, he just popped up in my dream. Of course, I was in a Music Video for Green Day's Blvd of Broken Dreams and what's a dream about Green Day without Robert in it. And Last night it was Joe. Of all people. Why are these random people showing up in my dreams? Probably since its getting closer to being time to go home, so I am just thinkin aboout home. Its always in the back of my mind. I cant wait. 4 weeks. Cant go by fast enough.
So I woke up Obscenely early today so I have some time to kill before I go to work. We have so much stuff to do before Wednesday. I am so not ready for this sale. Fore anyone who doesnt know Our big anniversary sale is a week from Saturday. We have a mega huge party on the Saturday but the sale goes for 4 days. Well, it is now expanded to an anniversary sale and a Grand opening sale. SO now I have two stores to prepare for this. I dont have signs I had the girls sticker all over our give aways yesterday. We give out thousands or give aways like samples and we have wallets from American Crew, coffe mugs from Paul Mitchell, we are having drawing for two bicycles we got from Matrix I hink. And TONS of samples. Well, we have to sticker each one with a label that says thanks and has both our names on it and phone numbers. Its a nightmare. Tomorrow we get to go through all the CDs and change them ALL the Christmas music. Right now its just intermitted and occasional. Tomorrow everyday will be filled with cheer. LOL. Anyway, I have to leave for work. I newed to hop in a tanning bed quick. I have to wear a dress in a week and a half. I am so not ready for this.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Today marks my officaial start to the holiday season. From now until the time we leave I will be working six days a week again. Holidays rest for no one. And neither does retail. Super. My guess is that come Dec 21st, two weeks wont be long enough.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Insert humming of "Hail to the Chief" here Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 11, 2005

So We have been listening to country at work lately since we are running our ad on their station. And Tara is like, have you listened to the words of this song? No, I stupidly answer. Come listen. SO I stupidly did. I sat down next to her and started listening, and I am like If she has cancer I will cry. Listen some more,. If she dies I WILL hit you. No she doesnt die, Tara says, just listen. I bawled. Here's the song. By Rascal Flatts

Sara Beth is scared to death
To hear what the doctor will say
She hasn't been well, since the day that she fell
And the bruise just won't go away
So she sits and she waits with her mother and dadA
nd flips through an old magazine
Till the nurse with the smile stands in the doorA
nd says will you please come with me

Sara Beth is scared to death
Cause the doctor just told her the news
Between the red cells and white, something's not right
But we're gonna take care of you
Six chances in ten, it won't come back again
With the therapy we're gonna try
It's just been approved, it's the strongest there is
And I think that we caught it in time

And Sara Beth closes her eyes.
And she dreams she's dancing
Around and around without any cares
And her very first love is holding her close
And a soft wind is blowing her hair

Sara Beth is scared to death
As she sits holding her mom
Cause it would be a mistake for someone to take
A bald headed girl to the prom
For just this morning, right here on her pillow
Was the cruelest of any surprise
And she cried when she gathered it all in her hands
The proof that she couldn't deny

And Sara Beth closes her eyes
And she dreams she's dancing
Around and around without any cares
And her very first love is holding her close
And a soft wind is blowing her hair

It's quarter to seven, that boy's at the door
And her daddy ushers him in
And when he takes off his cap
They all start to cry
Cause this morning where his hair had all been
Softly she touches just skin

And they go dancing, around and around
Without any cares
And her very first true love is holding her close
And for a moment she isn't scared

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What a crazy couple of days. Alright so I told you about the accusition of the spa. I have spent the last couple of days over there, helping get the retail set up. They used to carry Aveda, which is an elitist type hair line cuz if you carry that, they only allow you to carry two other lines, you arent allowed to advertise that you have it and their customer support sucks, so Lori, (under some very good advice) pulled it in favor of putting in more lines to offer quality choices to the clients. So I have been in there transferring stock and inventory from our store to theirs, getting ifo inputted into their computers, and teaching them how to set up retail. Size order and the oeder in which you put the products and the styling products and so on. I will probably spend a couple of days a week over there, and the the rest in my store. Ralph and I are going to switch back and forth so one of us will be in the other building at all times. But I like it there. Its a different atmosphere. There is a different focus. It isnt about selling products, its about enhancing their experience so they keep coming back. Everything is so mellow cuz they came there to relax and be pampered and spend major cash. I'm all about gettin a piece of that. So when I get back in January we are gong to hammer out the details of my employment, in both places. I need to know that it is worth my while to go over there. I mean I wont be makin comission like i am over in my store so I need to know that I am getting that and more, since now I will be driving more and so on. But now I HAVE to go to bed. I have been on a coputer all day. I need to get off and rest my eyes.

Friday, November 04, 2005

OOOO lala. Who has her own store? I do, I do. I do, I do. I said who has her own store? I do, I do, I do I do.

Ok so there is a song there that y'all cant hear. FYI. Long story short, Lori took over Symplique, which isnt Symplique anymore, its LA Style Day Spa. And Ralph will be running that location and I will be running our location. Cool, huh? Me. General manager. Or something Like that. Anyway, thought I would share that.

I think I gave myself a carpet, rug, rope burn on the back of my neck with the edge of my towel. It hurts like that. I'll have to check it out.

I am feeling beter. I think I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder though. No joke at all.

We are gonna decorate the stoore on Sunday for Chrisymas, only a matter of time till we do the house.

We got a DVD recorder. A Christmas/birthday present for Mayyhew. So now we can record our own DVDs. I would like to bring back the VHS tapes of our family Christmas from when we were young. And some of those old shows we watched a billion time when we were little. So if there is anything you want DVD-inized. Send it on up and we should be able to do it for you. K. Gotta go. TTFN.