Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year People

Welp, 2004 is almost over. There is only about 12 and a half hours left of it. Now it is time to look back on our year and see what was good and what we could do better in hopes of making next year even better.

I, myself, had a tremendus (sp?) year. I dont know how they get much better. I mean it started out rough with having no money and not having the guts to ask mom and dad for some so I would just starve instead. God, I was stupdid. But How many years do you get to complete pick up all of your things and completely start over in a new place, on a new life? That was pretty great. I hope that 2005 can live up to it. But I gtet a lot of great things to do next year like come home! And I get to live in a house again. So I would like to say good bye to 2004. It has done me well. And I look forward to 2005. And my your new year be as blessed as mine has been!

Ok, anyway last night we bought a couch. Matt is so scared to tell his mom. He doesnt want her to freak. BUt I love this couch and so does Matthew. It is from the Ashley Homestore. It is off-white (I, Know hold on) It has an ottoman that goes with it and it has a chaise attached, which is what I wanted. At first I told Matthew no, because it was a light color. But it is made of this fabric that you cant stain. And we got it extra protected so if anything gets on it that we cant get out, they will send someone out to clean it for us. And for some reaso, if they cant get it out they will re cover the couch. For ten years! I love it, but we do kinda feel guilty about buying it. I mean we JUST got our credt cards paid off. BUt I LOVE it. I want to sit in it right now. Well, i need to call my mommy so I have to go. Bye! HAppy New Year

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I figured it out!

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This is Matthew's birthday hat. And my Wizrd hat. We DO NOT like attention.

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Matt and I plan on hitting some year end clearance furniture sales and seeing if there are any that we like. I want to go and get a clothesline since I will have a basement and can do like Amanda did and hang clothes up down there. I am saving my money though so I can get a puppy. Matthew wants a cat so bad. he will probably get a cat first. Cats hate me. All of his did anyway. Except Rusty. She was a good cat. I had been trying to pick out some names I like. Matt thinks I should wait till I see the piuppy and then I would know what I wanted, but I like to be prepared. Plus it gives me something to do besides worry about work.

We started inventory. So I am really bogged down and then you through moving on top of it and its the same way I started LAST year! I'm just glad that the holiday season is almost over and I can "relax" a bit. Once January is over I can start thinking about coming home. I already told Lori that we were going to go. Hopefully I an have at least two weeks.

Christmas was nice. We opened presents in the morning and then went over to Marcus and Amelia's for dinner. We had turkey and ham and potatoes amd corn and green beans and pie. So it was kinda nice to have a meal like that. Granted its not crablegs, but its still nice. I'm kinda kickin mself now cuz I didnt think to send some home for Christmas dinner. Thats what we always had on Christmas. Oh, well, next year.

I got some really nice stuff. Matt did a good job for not have a list, and never having had to shop for me like that. I got a hose : ), an Epson picture printer, $150 for Victoria's sercret, a pet feeder, and a water fountain for the pets, and My little Ponies from Amanda, and slippers from mommy and daddy and some clothes from them too. And my satin sheets from Matthew. We have found that having the satin pillow cases on is kinda a pain cuz they slide right off the bed so we went back to the old ones. Of, course I got Harry Potter. Jim and Layurie gave me a Simon gift card to use at my mall. I will proably use it to go to JC Penny's cuz they are having some AWESOME sales over there. Maybe I wil browse the home department and get something cute for the house. That's what I am probably going to do with the one from Julie and Brian. I love picking out stuff for the house. I am so excited. OH! ANd julie found this adorable little ornament that is these two pink flamigos and the its a him and a her and they are wearing these little hats and it sez "our First Christmas Together" and their legs are all dangly. It is SO cute! So thank you everyone if I havent already told you. I will be sure to let you know exactly what I picked out.

Hopefully this publishes. The last couple of times I tried to post it wouldnt do it. so cross your fingers. Of course if you're reading this then it did and you dont really need to... ANyway. Good night.

Sunday, December 26, 2004


How do you make the first Christmas together truely unforgettable? You (matthew) fnd out that we have a house, keep it a secret and then tell you wife (me) on Christmas morning by giving her auto doggy feeder with our new address taped to the side. I cant believe he was a ble to keep it a secret. He was dying to tell me but didnt. But he couldnt wait for me to open what he called the grand daddy of all Christmas presents.I cant wait to move out of here. I mean I like it, but it is an apartment and comes with everything an apartment comes with. I am so excited. He did a good job for not having a Christmas list from me. Oh, well,. I have to get to work now so I will talk more later. I have to go bundle up for the sub-zero temperatures outside. I just ant to crawl back into bed. Matt got me satin sheets and now I never want to leave my bed again!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Happy Winter

Alrigght people. With the coming of winter, today we officailly start gaining sunlight. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Yesterday marked the shortest day of the year. Official sunrise is 10:14 am and sunset was 3:40 pm. Today sunset is at 3:42 pm. 2 extra minutes! Of course you cant tell anyway since it has been overcast and snowy the past few days but it is the principle of the matte r and we are once again travelling closer to the sun. Yay. Now I must go take a shower. K. Bye

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I feel like I need to be shot or something. I forgot that this was the last Sunday before Christmas, which means we had Family Christmas... I need to come home soon. That is really all there is to it. I told Lori yesterday that I was planning on going home in March. I just didnt tell for how long. Matthew wants to come home for three weeks but i dont know if I can do that. I hope she lets me. And I told her that I wanted to come home next year for Christmas. She said as long as there is someone to cover my shifts then I can leave. That wont be too hard. Its easier to for me to have my shifts covered than it is for Rohni. No one can open except me and i have to close so we are kinda in a bind. But anyway...

We havent gotten a call about a house yet. I just dont even want to think about having to move again. And I dont have a ready supply of boxes like I did when I worked at WM. So that will be a challenge. I would really like it to be after the holidays. Matt wants it to be next week since he has the whole week off and could get a lot of moving done. I havent decided how we are going to do this. If we are going to start with the bedroom and sleep over there at the house and eat and stuff here or do the kitchen and the bedroom and have the TV and stuff over here. I dont know. It will be interesting. Always a challenge.

I have been getting pretty emotional lately. It will probably be worse by Saturday. I just dont feel like it is Christmas, but I want so badly to not be sad. If I am sad, Matthew will be sad, and I dont want that. I want him to have a happy Christmas. I mean I know I will have a happy Christmas and that not everything can stay the same and I know that we are starting our own traditions and all of that, but i need to be a bit irrational about it too. You know? I cant always look and the logical side of things. Sorry it is just not who I am. But I need to go to bed, my husband is waiting for me. I wil write later when I have more time.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Matthew called the housing office a couple of days ago and we were 54th on the waiting list. Today he found out that he sews on another stripe on Sunday, so now he is a Sr Airman. And he called the housing office and we are next on the list. As soon as a house opens up its ours if we want it. hOWS THAT FOR chRISTMAS?

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

They are ready!

K, they are ready. I even added some captions.

You can also go here and veiw the ones the disney photographers took.

Monday, December 13, 2004


Ok, it is taking a bit longer than anticipated to get my pictures up and available. But I am working on it and they should be ready by Wednesday. Thank you for your patience. HeeHee. No really I am working on it but I am still a bit jet lagged and I have had to work.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

We are home

We are safe and sound back in the land of eternal sunlight. I will post more later, right now I have to go to work but I will have pictures posted and stuff tonight when i get off of work. We had a great time and I have some good pictures! K love ya all