Wednesday, June 29, 2005

This stupid woman at work is freakin pissing me off! Grrrr! She doesnt get that I have a freakin store to run, I dont have time for her stupid conspiracy theories or her stupid hurt feelings. I dont care if she was "given" the floor to be "in chatge of" all that means is I tell you what I want done and then you run off and make sure it gets done. I dont have time to worry about whether or not I am hurting her feelings because I have a shipment of about 200 liter duo deals on their way to my store and NO WHERE to put them. Why? Because SOMEONE is too busy making cutsie displays and not enough time doing what I tell her to do. God, I think her parents should have told her to lay off the pot when she was growing up. I know what I am doing. Tis is my store and she will learn to listen to me, or we will be having words.

We already had to have a meeting with me her Lori Ralph and Malu because she was convinced, in her crazy brain cell, that I was threatened by her and was, apparently, afraid that she was going to take my job. HA. Laughing at THAT one. She cant even run the damn tanning computer you think she can be given $10,000 and figure out how to buy $15,000 worth of product (old and new) in quanities that will last our store through till the end of the year? No. I can. Its what I do and I am DAMN good at it too. So needless to say I am less than concerned about the supposed "threat" to my job. Every month I do all the ordering, recieving, processing, trouble shooting, payroll, merchandising, I handle vendors in 14 states, I have 4 major distributors in the lower 48 who know me by name, AND i manage to rake in over $13,000 in sales every month. She needs to take a big whiff of reality here. But you know what will happen? I will go in there. ANd I will tell her what she needs to do and i will make sure she does it. She doesnt need to know all that other stuff. But sometimes, I wish she did.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Wish you could see the mountains better but it was raining pretty hard there Posted by Hello

Matthew enjoying the Rainbows Posted by Hello

I like sharing Posted by Hello

Only a few more Posted by Hello

These pics turned out better than I thought they would Posted by Hello

Double Rainbow Posted by Hello

Rainbows remaind me of home Posted by Hello

We had a real thunderstorm today. Posted by Hello

It looks like he's beating somwthing. I'm gonna tell everyone it's Smitty Posted by Hello

Smitty Posted by Hello

Matt likes this pic cuz it makes the fish look big Posted by Hello

One of these is Matt's Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Happy Summer Solstice

Sunrise: 4:19 am
Sunset: 11:43 pm

Happy summer

Friday, June 17, 2005

We had this kitty show up in our backyard today. He turned out to be our neighbor's cat, but I felt so sorry for him cuz he was lost. I didnt want to take him to the pound, but I didnt really want to keep it either, thoug I probably would have just so I knew he wasnt going to die. I think Jackie had a crush on him. She was very enamored with him. He was a short haired gray kitty with gold eyes. He was kinda pretty. But there was a little girl who loved him and wanted him back. I should go to bed. Matthew is probably already asleep and probably a ittle ticked off at me. Oops. Well, good night.
I had a very odd, pre-apocalyptic dream last night. We were at war. And when I say we I mean my family and I. And At first we were all fight on the same side, in kind of a futuristic city. On the tops of the tall buildings. Thnk Futurama in 3-d and not animated. And suddenly the people we were fighting against tuned into one person that was both my mom and my brother in the same person. Dont ask me how. Usually the people in my dreams are actyally a combination of the essences of multiple people, in this case it was mom and lew but they were also fighting beside me, my sister and dad in seperate and individual essences. ANd the person we were fighting, I shall call it Mew, was shooting arrows at us and then decided to light the arrows on fire and started the whole city ablaze. And one of the arrows landed on my foot, or in my foot rather, and my dad put it out and broke of the end, a la Braveheart. So flash to the future and I am on crutches, still with the arrow in my foot cuz no one would take it out. So finally we are at the hospital and the only person they could get to do it was my Aunt lisa. So dad was in the roo with me and Aunt Lisa sqeezed out the arrowhead but only half way. So my dad just yanks it out of my foot. And I wake up and my my damn foot hurts where the arrow had pierced it.

Dreams are weird.

Monday, June 13, 2005

I have decided that I am just going to have to make use of my sleep mask. I feel dumb wearing it cuz I have always thought they were stupid but now I am finding them necessary. I dont know why our apartment seemed so much darker than the house does. I dont remember having this much of a problem last summer.

I got my Jem t shirts in the mail today. I am so excited. I am going to wear the pink one to work tomorrow. It is the small things in life. Something has to keep me happy, or I will go insane with work. I am going to be working 6 days a week this summer. Probably till I go on vacation in August. I have told them that they need to be making sure that these new girls are prepared for that because I will not be working during that time. I am going to HAVE to take some time away frm the store. Especially concidering the fact that Lori and Ralph will have been gone two weekd prior to that time. I am not working. Screw it! Kay, have to sleep now. Sleep mask here I come.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Stupid sun. we still have an hour before it even sets. I have myself convinced that it doesnt affent me but it does. Just like in the winter I tell myself that I am not more tired because of the dark, but I am. There is still an hour and a half before it even sets! I cant get to sleep. I am all wound up cuz my stupid body cant tell that it is 10:30 and I need to get to bed so I can wake up for work tomorrow. Stupid sun.

Monday, June 06, 2005


We have started painting. They got a lot done. Pretty much the whole salon side. I will try to take some pics when it is all done. We got most everything put back up today. Not all of it but most of it. We'll do the store side this coming weekend. But I have been inhaling paint fumes all day. I have the most monsterous headache right now. Blah. We started getting a llittle loopy too cuz we had a couple of perms goin on today too. Perm fumes and paint fumes mix together and it smells like poo. Literally. Bad day. And go figure the day we have the salon torn up is the day we are busy back there. Figures. That's alrigt though. The store looks so good now. I am so excited. Its a merlot, and tan and navy blue color scheme. Looks very rich, and classy. Instead of stark walls. Well, anyway, I have to go change we are going out to the lake tonight to fish and cook out so I will talk to ya later!
I'm gonna have a busy day on August 6th/7th. Matthew will get in at 8ish. and then Lew and Amanda get in at 12:20ish. So I can go get Matthew, take him home, let him unpack, turn around, go back to the airport and pick up the dweebs. I am so excited. I'm gonna go from having an empty house to a way full one. K, I have to get ready for work. Boo. I dont want to go. Yesterday we pulled everything down off the walls cuz we're painting the store some new colors. So Tpday we get to go and put it all back up on the walls. Yay. What fun. Like I dont have a hundred other things I need to do.