Saturday, September 25, 2004


Yep, that is what I said. Today it has started snowing. This is the earliest it has started in a long time, or so I have been told. Matthew wants me to clean today. I hate cleaning. I want to crwl into bed and take a nap so I can fight off this cold. Oh well. He says I have to have it done by tonight if I want to go bowling. So I guess i should statr. Just thought I would let you know that if ANYONE complains about the weather, then tell them to shut up cuz it could be snowing. And that will be told to you if I hear one person coplian to me about the weather.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Truely Outregeous

So I have done absolutely nothing today except paint my fingernails and watch Jem. A successful day off I think. I never realized how much I really loved that TV show. Sitting down and watching it just brings all these memories. like this one episode about Father's day ad Kimber gets bucked off the horse. I remember sitting in the kitchen on one of our pleather like brown stools and eating Fruity Pebbles. These images flash in my head of what I was doing when I was watchin this caroon before school. Memories are such facinating things. I should be cleaning or something but I realy dont fel like it. I will do it tomorrow. I dont want to do it today. i feel like taking a nap. LOL. Doing so much of nothing has worn me out!

Thursday, September 23, 2004


I got Jem in the mail yeterday. It came fast! And I got a little Patty o'Green doll . It came with Lucky, her Sprite, and his belly lights up and there is a DVD with a couple of episodes on it. I havent decided if I want to open it or not. I almost want mom to unpack my big Patty O'Green doll and send it to me. :) Ah, the security of childhood.

For those of you who may not know what I am talking about Patty O'Green is from Rainbow Brite, DUH!

Old habits die hard

So I have never had a job where I get in trouble for working too hard. Rohni and I got talked to again because we too much of the work at the store. Well, THAT is a twist. Apparently, we are not delegaing tasks well enough (or at all for that matter) and we need to stop doing it all ourselves. What they dont understand is that we have a crew of girls who, dont get me wrong they are a sweet bunch of girls, but they are not the brightest. And the things that Rohni and I do are just a bit too much for them. Well, it;s all in the training, so says Ralph. Ok, so now I am a babysitter. It would be faster if I do it and it is done right the first time so that I dont have to tellthem to do t and then have them do it wrong cuz they either didnt understand what I said or they didnt listen, and then I have to end up doing it all over and fixing what they screw up. Cant I just do it and then it will be done and I dont have to clean up after them? SO we are going to sit down and decide what each of the girls are going to be responsible for and Rohni and I can start being managers instead of highly paid employees. Easier sadi than done but we are going to try it their way but I garuntee that it will be back to this is a couple of weeks and we will find ourselves once again being yelled at for doing too much work. Whatever. I am just getting so stressed out. I can feel myself regressing to old ways of dealing with work issues, and we all know how well I handle stress. Poor Matt. He has kind been taing the brunt of it lately. I've been real short with him lately. I fell bad. I apologized to him today. i try not to take it out on him. I really do. But I am back to eating once a day cuz I just dont have time to eat and I am not sleep ing at night because I am constantly thinking about stuf I have to do tomorrow. I need to watch it cuz I know that I have to be more aware of my blood sugar. It was 86 again the other day. I am gong to die. I am going to go into a coma or something. I just dont have time to eat. You know I I think tht whole thing about your body feeding off itself in the state of starvation is false cuz I should have consumed myself by now. LOL. Well I should go to bed. Matt has that cough back that he had at the beginning of the year, so I am going to sleep soooo well the next few days. At least this time he ist gonna wait a month and a half before goin to the doctor.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

new phones

Matthew and I went and got new cell phones today. We got matching camera flip phones. I bought his phone so I think I shall call it his birthday present. Since he has ALWAYS wanted a flip phone. He watched 13 Going on Thirty with me last night. That was nice. It was a cute movie and it was nice to watch something other than a lot of people getting killed. Of course we also watched Man on Fire and Godsend, but he watched my movie and that is all I care about.

Oh, and Amanda, you can go to Amazon and preorder Rainbow Brite. That's where I got it from.
And Nicole, You are just WAY too young to even know what we are talking about or why we are so obsessed.

Friday, September 17, 2004

I love

I have now ordered Jem! Season 3 on DVD. I cannot wait for it to arrive. I have also preordered Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealers on DVD. Because I love them, and I want them. I will have them to be mine. And Matthew will sit down and watch them as I sat and watched Alf. No, prolly not cuz he will whine and I will say, "no, its ok, you dont have to watch it. I will watch them later." Which is a bald faced lie, he does need to watch them but I tell hi he doesnt because he should know that it wouldnt hurt to sit down and watch one or two, just to make me happy. Is everyone else like this? Anyway, I will be getting those two things regardless of whether or not he will end up watching them with me. :)

Monday, September 13, 2004


OK so I am still HELLA PISSED off. wE ORDERED espn GamePlan on PPV cuz one of the games they were showing was the Iowa/Iowa State game. But what it is is you pay $20 and you get all the college games that were played that day. ESPN blocked out the Iowa game for reasons unknown and so we paid $20 for a game we didnt even get to watch. i hate AK and ESPN and they have pissed me off.

Friday, September 10, 2004

swap watches?

Lori brought us back more presents from the Vegas show she just got back from. She said it was really high end so she didnt get very much stuff. They would only accept cash. But anyway, one of the things that she DID get are watches. But not just anywatches, snap bracelet watches. Yes, they have combined a swatch with a anap bracelet. She said everyone dwn there was buying them. Say hello to the next big thing. they are really cute and there are a ton of different ones. SO she gave her management one. Mine is pink. it is so cute. There is a blue one I want pretty bad too. I love my job.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Just a reminder

I just thought that I would remind all of you that the wedding pictures website is going to expire soon so if you want to order some prints you have a limited time to do so. Otherwise you wiil have to contact Linda Moore directly.

user name: Rose
password: 5233

Monday, September 06, 2004

My second day at the track.

Today was a long freakin day. But we had fun. We went to watch the drag races. This is the last race day of the season. It was fun to watch all of those cars. There were a lot of Camero SS, a few Mustangs and, my favorite, the '66 VW Bug. Man, that thing could move! The fastest was 177mph, in a BUG! Then there was one car that went 210 mph. It was insane! There was a crash. The driver took a hard left, we dont know if he lost control or if there was a problem with his car, but him and his car hit the guardrail at 113 mph and crashed in the woods and burst into flames. The driver was fine and walked away from his car with some bruises. Amazing. Then there were the motorcyles. There was this modified nitro Harley. OMG, it flew like in the 170-180 range. The other moto9rcycles went around130-140 mph. I cant even imagine going that fast on a motorcyle. We decided that from now on we will only go to one race track in a weekend cuz two is way too hard on the bum. But it ws nice to be able to enjoy this weekend outside. We couldnt have had better weather. It was football weather. Big fluffy white clouds. Sunshine and just a little nip in the breeze to make a sweatshirt comfortable. It felt like I should be watchin black and gold instead of fast cars, but its a trade off. I imagine we will go more often next summer. But I am going to go eat now and prbably stand for the next 4 hours cuz my butt it soooo sick of sitting!

The races

We had a pretty good time yesterday. We3 went to Wasilla to watch Mitch race. She is really good. She's a regional champion. The legend cars are fun to watch. They are a lot smaller than I had pictured. I dont know how to explain them, if you have never seen a legend car. I guess the best thing I can think of is a cross between a '34 Ford Coupe and a go-cart. They are really small but have the body of an old timey car. They run on 1200 cc Yamaha motors. Its fun to watch. Today we are going back to watch the drag races. Brian loves the drags and he drag races his truck sometimes so we re going to go watch those today. We went to TGI Fridays last night for supper after the races. Oh, they are here so I had better go.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Alaska State Fair and ALF

Matthew's mom bought him ALF season one on DVD. I thought I had him talked into watching it on Monday when i was at work because Im not a huge ALF fan, but it makes hm happy, so he is watching it now. But its ok cuz I am tired anyway and prolly gonna just go to bed. We went to the fair today and we are going to the races tomorrow. So I should get some sleep. I need to shower to get all the gross fair germs off me. I enjoy fairs and all but you always feel so dingy and gross after you go. Or at least I do. But I had a couple corn dogs and a funnel cake so all is well. I'm set for the next five years. Thats how often I can eat those stupid piles of fried dough. I wanted an ice cream cone. I still do actually. Well, truth be told I have been having the WORST cravings for a steak burrito from Panchero's. I tell you what, when we come home I am going to have 18 of the things. I want one so bad. ANd I miss Bruegger's. I havent found a suitable replacement for those either. But I should go attend to Matthew. His tummy hurts. Whats good for a tummy ache? I dont remember.

Hello there

Im waiting for Matthew to get home and for Rohni to call We are supposed to go to the fair today. I hope we still can goo. There was a problem with one of the orders we did this week at work and it didnt come yesterday, like it is supposed to. And it is once again all ecause of my friend Monique. I swear to high heaven that she has it out for our store. Anyway, tomorrow we are going to go watch Mitch race. Oh, I heard him pull up. I had better go help him.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Yes, i am still alive

I have had emails from a surprising number of you, conserned about what was wrong of if I was still alive. I have just been busy and I apologize. We have had a lot going on.

Matthew was booted from the William Tell team because the AF is stupid. After they picke the team, the rules changed and all the members of the team have to be from the same unit, the 19th. So Matthew and the guy from the 12th cant do it anymore. He has been working with the team this past week to get the new guys trainedm. He didnt really want to do it in the first place bt then a part of him wanted to see if he could do it. If the team was good enough. Stupid AF. He is all lonely now cuz his friends all left this week on TDY. So none of his boys are around. I think he is going through Smith withdrawl. I know he misses hm, but he doesnt ever say it.

Last Saturday we went over to Rohni and Brian's house. We had pizza and played cards. Matthew and Brian got along really well. It was fun. We were laughing all night. He is still laughing about some of the stuff. The four of us are going to go to the fair on Saturday. That should be fun. Its nice to have another couple to do things with istead of the guys all the time. I love them, but I need a little estrogen boost when they leave. Which all even out I suppose since I work in a store full of girls.

Work is work. Got dramam goin on like always. My assisant started this week. So hopefully I wont be puuting in such long hours and working all the time. We had a little management meeting. Poor Ralph is the only guy in our management circle and me, Rohni, Mitch AND lori all seem to be on the same cycle. God, help that man, cuz you can tell! LOL. ANyway, I need to get ready for work. Thought I would check in.