Monday, September 06, 2010

Today I Looked in the Mirror...

and saw how far I still have to go.

Some days are good days, and I see the work I have put in, and the results that I have already gotten from that hard work. Today was a bad day, and I can only see the long road ahead of me. These are the days when I can't see anything but Fat Girl. These are the days I struggle and I wonder if this is worth it... If I'm worth it... I question my resolve and sometimes the carton of cookies that I passed up in the store is more appealing than the treadmill or the weights, and its a fight. I know this will never be easy. I know that it will become easi-ER but it will never be easy, not for me. I also know that KNOWING that it won't be easy is a major weapon on my side of this fight.

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